My Dogs and Cats

It's A Craze (family name Nacho) is a very small Chihuahua weighing in at 2.1Kg. Despite  his small size he has a lively but loving personality.

He has a beautiful cream double coat, a perfect apple head, upright fluffy tail and walks with the distinctive proud Chihuahua trot.

He has sired many beautiful puppies including fawns, creams, whites and Browns.

Nacho is a joy to the whole family and is extremely fit,  often joining me on my jogging expeditions which can be anything up to 4-5 miles.

Its A Craze - My Pedigree

Coverackcove Pasha (family name Pasha), is a beautiful long coat blue sable. She has a wonderful and gentle temperament and will make a lovely mum.

I'm pleased to announce that Pasha’s first litter is due soon.

Pasha - My Pedigree

Molly is a beautiful silver tipped Persian kitten. She has grown into a magnificent young cat.

She has been tested free from PDK (Polycystic Kidney Disease)

Her new Silver Tipped male mate Milo has arrived (see below).


Nula Mishka’s Milo (family name Milo), is our newest member and a partner for the beautiful Molly.

He is a stunning fluffy silver tipped Persian just like Molly and they will produce beautiful kittens together.

Milo is tested free from PDK (Polycystic Kidney Disease), and has a fourth generation pedigree. He is also available for stud duties, (Link to "Stud Info" page).





Aceci's Diamond Jubilee - (Khaleese)

NOW RETIRED FROM BEING A MUM – but still a Loved Member of My Family

Acechi's Diamond Jubilee (family name Khaleese) is a larger Chihuahua bitch weighing in at 4.3Kg. Her size has been a great advantage in several ways. She has been an excellent breeder, producing a litter of healthy, strong puppies.

Her puppies have also been robust like her which has been ideal for families with children that desire a small dog but still want lots of playtime together. I have found that the smaller Chihuahua to be more contented with being just a  pampered lap dog and have not been keen on being pulled about by young children.

Acechi's Diamond Jubilee has a beautiful cream coat, a pretty dear head, an upright fluffy tail and a loving gentle personality.